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[Interactive Meeting]  20 Activities to Keep Students Engaged and Connected

A highly interactive and fun-filled meeting

We're all just a little Zoom-ed out these days, but we still need to connect with families and students. 

Well, we have a few ideas for you. And what better way to learn about them than to actually participate in them? 

Join us, mics and cameras on, to experience a new kind of Zoom meeting you can use with incoming and returning families this summer. 

June 19th - 1:30 PM CT
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Are you struggling to find new ways to keep in touch with students over the summer? We know how you feel: It's important to keep new and returning families engaged and connected, but we're all feeling the Zoom over-use right now. What's a school to do?

From family fun to scheduled time outdoors, we want to equip you and your team with new ways to create the in-school atmosphere students are craving at the moment. So, we made a list of 20 activities that can work for all grade levels and we want to show you how to host them and what it's like as a participant. 


Our Speakers

Brandi Eppolito

VP of Marketing, SchoolAdmin

Mom. Marketer. Margarita enthusiast. Brandi is happy to share her learnings with you from her decade of marketing and events experience, including three years in admissions for The University of Texas at Austin. 

Emily Howeth

Associate Marketing Events Manager, SchoolAdmin

Emily brings almost eight years of experience to the SchoolAdmin Team. When she’s not coordinating trade shows and conference events, she’s hiking with her dogs and enjoying a glass of wine with dinner.


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