The Recipe for Retention [Free Ebook]

Learn how to cook up a retention recipe for success for your school with this step-by-step guide and advice from private K-12 school experts including Jennifer Hillen from NBOA, Hans Mundahl from EMA, and Steve Clement from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. 

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8 steps to whip up a retention strategy


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The Recipe for Retention


Cook up a retention recipe for your private school in 8 steps. Plus get insider advice from industry experts to help you spice up your approach. 

Advice From Our Featured Experts

Hear what these private K-12 school leaders shared about their approach to retention. 


Jennifer Hillen, Chief Learning Officer, National Business Officer Association (NBOA)

"The secret sauce to strong retention is to ensure that it is fundamentally inherent to the school’s culture that attracting and retaining students is the responsibility of every single member of your school’s faculty and staff." 

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Steve Clement, Senior Director of Enrollment Management, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

"I have found success with running a short survey each quarter during the school year. Students value providing feedback and are generally surprised when they are followed up with by a member of the committee, but ultimately feel that their voice is being heard and the school cares about them."

sumant bhat headshot

Sumant Bhat, Head of School, Stanley British Primary School

"At Stanley, we know the most effective strategy around retention is really to focus on attracting and accepting mission-centric families who align with what you believe and will more likely embrace the different initiatives, curriculum, and programming you implement."

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