Why People Buy: The Psychology of Sales

Wednesday, September 16th
2pm CT/12 PM PT
Dana Nelson-Isaacs
Charles Barrow

Did you know there's a psychology to someone's buying behavior? No matter the industry, field, or product there's a how and why people buy -- or a how and why a family chooses to enroll in your school.

When you understand how and why a parent "buys," you can design your school's marketing efforts to speak specifically to the families and students you are trying to enroll. Tune in and learn how putting sales techniques to use can boost enrollment at your school.

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2020/09/16 2:00 PM CST

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

How to leverage "traditional sales" to inform and boost enrollment efforts.

How to identify the different buyers and get them interested in your school.

Overcoming objections that may come up and how to master the art of the follow-up.

About Presenter

Dana Nelson-Isaacs
Founder and Principal, DNI Consulting

 In addition to twenty years of on-the-ground experience within schools in various admission and marketing roles at four different institutions, Dana is an expert in market research, enrollment feasibility studies, and strategic enrollment management projects. Additionally, she has led projects as a consultant in areas including parent satisfaction, admission office efficiencies, staff coaching, curriculum planning, and exit interviewing. 

Dana currently serves as the coordinator of the Bay Area Directors of Admission consortium, consisting of approximately 110 schools. Among a variety of tasks to keep the group up and running, she is responsible for professional development planning and other organizational leadership.

Charles Barrow
Sales Director - West, SchoolAdmin

After Charles’ son was born, he focused his mission towards helping independent and private schools do what they do best: transform lives through education.

He knows that no single school operates exactly the same and no single family takes in one single message. He also knows how to help schools take the necessary steps to truly drive conversions, increase yield & selectivity, and make the most of every step of the enrollment journey.



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